About Us

Our consultants are top-notch Software Engineers and Development Managers – with degrees in Computer Science.

We bring decades of professional experience in applications architecture, design, modeling, and development of software using the cutting-edge technologies, proven methodologies and patterns.  Our solid experience in full life-cycle systems development helps our clients to achieve results in a short time with minimum costs.

Quality, Correctness, Elegance
We always go the extra mile to ensure that the customer gets the best and the most efficient solution that minimizes maintenance and cost.

We provide services of excellent programmers, application architects, and mentors. Our consultants are top-notch performers with a long track record of turning complex and challenging problems into efficient and elegant solutions that require minimum maintenance and are adjustable to the ever-changing business requirements.

Our consultants have consistently outperformed teams of “average” software engineers on many projects we have participated in.

We always achieve excellent results – working as a team or individually.